Where AI meets accessibility.

We make videos instantly accessible through AI-driven audio description. Audio descriptions are voice-over narrations that describe the essential context of a video, which might not always be clear for people with visual impairments. VerbalEyes provides audio description services for businesses, organizations, and individuals, as well as an API for developers.

Why choose VerbalEyes?

VerbalEyes is fast, easy, and affordable.


Our AI technology drastically reduces turnaround time.


Our user-friendly process is intuitive, designed for ease of use.


Our audio description service will cost less than the traditional description services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of services do you provide?

We are working on providing both optical character recognition (OCR) and audio description, meaning that text on screen will also be read out loud. We’ve noticed that most how-to and instructional videos tend to have music with text on the screen, so we’re hoping that OCR will make these videos more accessible.

How does your tech work? Is it fully automated?

Yes, it’s pretty much fully automated! This means that all of the text that the synthetic voice is reading is generated by a computer - there’s no human involved in writing the descriptions! This does mean that there’s some room for error, but we’re working on also making sure that the descriptions are editable in the case that the computer isn’t 100% correct.

How customizable is your product, in terms of voice, volume, level of description?

Right now, we haven’t been able to integrate any customization regarding voice, speed, or level of audio description. We know that this is really important, so we’re working on adding these functions as development progresses!


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